Historical Item

Name: Zweigle's Red Hot

Category: FoodNC Texas 2161l.JPG.jpg

Category: Food

Size/weight: 2 oz

Rarity: Common

Value: Low Value

Uses: Can be eaten or used to mark oneself as a Zweigle member (as opposed to those who ate rival Sahlen's Hot Dogs).

Description (ca. 1921):
Zweigle's, a meat manufacturing company that was founded in 188 by C. Wilhelm and Josephine Zweigle. The company was initially a butcher shop at the corner of Jospeh Avenue and Kelly Street. The butcher shop was a family run business and it was not run by just C. Wilhelm and Josephine, but also by their children, who helped out even when they were young. The family was of German descent and quickly became known for their German-style meat products, such as the red hot. The Zweigle's Red hot dog competed with Sahlen's Hot Dog. It was made from slightly less dubious meats than Zweigle's White Hots.