merchant airship.jpg
Fictional Item

Name: Zephyr Type-17 Airship

Category: Dirigible

Size/weight: 600 pounds

Rarity: Common

Value: Relatively low; market price at around $500

Uses: Sailing the open skies

Description (ca. 1921): Facing a need for more civilian airships, dirigible maker Tyrollean Flights created a cheap, all-purpose airship that could be used for a variety of operations. Operating on a single steam engine, and not a very strong one at that, the ship isn't very fast. However, due to its small form and array of propellers, it can be quite maneuverable in the hands of a good pilot.

The gondola beneath is small, big enough for a crew of three or four at most (although perfectly operable with one person), and a small hold that can be expanded at the expense of crew areas. Also, due to it's universal-use design, modifying the airship is remarkably accessible and straight-forward.