Fictional character

Name: William Becker

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Engineer

Location: Rochester, NY

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Blunt, Conceded, Driven, Focused, Impatient, Insatiable, Stubborn, Selfish, Unreliable

Biography (ca. 1921):

A graduate in Steam Engineering from the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, William Becker, known as Will to his few friends, is one of many local innovators looking for fame and fortune in the great “Steam Rush” going on within Rochester. An only child born to two second-generation German immigrants, his father, Franz Becker, a steam engineer himself, and mother, Marie Dahl, a housewife. William grew up a bit spoiled. His father, possessing an esteemed pedigree of classified works and publications signed to his name was often called away from home, but still he did his best to expose William to the wonders of his trade. His mother, reinforced them, reminding William of the stability and safety provided by the field for his future family, scaring him with tales of the manual labor her parents suffered through to not only immigrate but to live once they arrived. And while this drove William to inevitably pursue his father’s legacy, he became jaded. Feeling as if no one could match his exposure, which he wrongly attributed as experience, he found himself alone most evenings, studying, pursuing his father’s legacy, to make his own name synonymous with steam. A man focused on refining what exists, rather than exploiting the unknown due to fear of the disastrous and tragic.

His peers describe his appearance as kept, showing of his parent's wealth. Often found with a shade near brown vest over a dress shirt with a tie, sleeves kept past his elbows, and suit pants with polished leather shoes. Brown hair, parted and combed with a shine to it. They often referred to him as intelligent, independent, driven, and helpful in a matter-of-fact sort of way. Though, just as many peers made remarks about his tendency to be stubborn, demeaning, selfish, unreliable, and cocky.

Though while most others' opinions matter not to William. Those of his father and his close friend, Brandon Westland, do affect William's routine. Westland having been a friend William made during his time at the Athenaeum. And despite Westland's notoriety and garnered hatred, the two can usually be found collaborating. With Westland pushing the limits of their experiments as he takes a hands-on approach, while William reviews diagrams and plans from behind a blast shield. Westland's eccentric and almost natural talent for invention impresses the stout Becker, but he knows of Westland's failures just as well, and would rather not become another unfortunate accident of Westland's creations.

But these childish antics, as William's fathers puts it, must soon come to an end. A fresh graduate, with his father pulling strings, young William has a few months to himself before beginning work down at the plant. With his short-term future secure, he plans to continue tinkering with his own creations, and is often found shopping around town for gadgets and widgets, or in his home experimenting. And many look upon the younger Becker as an embodiment of the innovative revolution in Rochester, and an ideal for the modern engineer. He does not know it yet, but this single statement has already found its way to his father's ears, and makes him proud every day.