perspective character

Name: William Tenerly
Age: 61v0_master.jpg
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: English Caucasian
Profession: Engineer/Entrepreneur
Home Location: Tenerly Museum of Automatonics
  • I.A.G.
  • Bureaucracy
  • Anarchists

  • George McHugo - Tentative friend, one of the few people who shares his interests, potential inheritor of the Tenerly empire, though he doesn't know that.
  • **George Greene** - Long time friend, brought Tenerly into the war as head of Automilitary Project.
  • George Eastman - Competition, healthy respect
  • Regiblaster - Association through wealth, has attended his parties and spoke to him multiple times. Unsure of him, otherwise.

Disposition: Aloof though unintended, judges on personality and not class. Bored to tears by bureaucracy, would like to get his hands dirty more. Kind? You would think from talking to him, but maybe he isn't.

High concept: A rich man with everything who's fed up with the mundane; he wants the world to be interesting again.

Special skills/abilities:
Engineering: +3
Charisma: +2
Perception: +2
Diplomacy: +1
Strength: +1
Lockpicking: +1

Notable flaws/weaknesses:

Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Average height and build, a little bit round. Bearded, glassed, with a friendly resting expression. Generally well dressed, though not always in a suit.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Perfect and market the Skin Doll.
Create new, subversive, or interesting steam technology.
Build society even higher, or knock it down and start again.



Born in Europe, 1981, William Tenerly was the only son of Philip and Grace Tenerly, who lived modestly in the english countryside. During his schooling William took a passionate interest in mechanics and engineering, tending to small projects in his father’s barn for his first 15 years. Soon after graduation from school William moved to Rochester, New York, to work in an apprenticeship with then head of the United States’ technology sector, Jonathan Brelgaurd. Under Brelgaurd, William obtained a deep understanding of the emerging steam technology, and upon leaving the guidance of his teacher, opened a small tinkerer’s shop in downtown Rochester.


The death of Brelgaurds in 1908 left Tenerly with a substantial fortune, a sizable portion of Mr.Brelgaurds’ estate, include factories and workshops. Using this windfall as a springboard, Tenerly began prototyping two projects he had otherwise only been tinkering with; the Liquid Pistol, and the Automated Peacekeeper; both being met with failure. He continued working with automata privately, otherwise producing technology already popularized by Brelgaurds and rubbing shoulders with the rich, until the Great War. At the request of the United States government, spurred on by George Greene, Tenerly lead the Automilitary Project in interest of fighting back the Germans.


The success of Tenerly’s automata during the Great War provided him and his enterprise the much needed funds and fame to allow it to expand into various aspects of an American’s daily life. The Tenerly brand had become a mainstay of the domestic American. In the building of libraries and parks, to the funding of schools and institution, Tenerly had the minds and hearts of Rochester and beyond.


Tenerly, having grown tired of his emergent wealth, has begun experimenting with more and more outlandish inventions. Currently, the Tenerly brand Skin Doll is in production, with interests in obtaining the markets of the widowed and the lonely. Because of his loathing of bureaucracy and even industrialists, Tenerly has been known to associate with the IAG with mixed response. Each day he finds himself wondering if life would be more interesting if things just started blowing up, though he would never do that himself, no sir. Tenerly is a gentleman, he won’t get his boots dirty in that business, though perhaps he envies those who can.

Maybe things are so stale, so stagnant, so pungent, that the only way to clean it up is to drain it out, and fill it back up again.


While Archibald Regiblaster is often cited as the premier investor and proponent of the original Protean Machine, certain sources claim Tenerly having a pull in its original creation. Not much is known about this, due to the inventors habit of throwing away documentation. Photos of the 1921 Rochester Steam Fair show a fifth individual in the background, of whom some believe is Tenerly, though no other evidence exists.

Tenerly Incorporated, renamed in 1930, continued producing domestic, household effects into the early 50s. It came under fire in 1934 for producing a knife that would toast bread as you cut it, causing severe burns on the hands and arms of users. Tenerly Inc. was required to pay the state of New York $100,000 as punishment for unsafe quality assurance.

Tenerly is thought to have retired in the early 1930s, however, with the company being handed off to Brent Thurdon. Historians believe that Tenerly moved to a small village in Pensylvania, where he would until his death in the 1940s. It is unknown how much money Tenerly had retained from his empire, however, near the time of his death, a sizable donation was made to the research institute studying and enhancing the Protean Machine.

At an unknown point in the 1940s, Tenerly succumbed to an infection caused by an untreated wound. Due to a lack of offspring, much of the information regarding Tenerly is anecdotal. An unmarked grave in the Pennsylvania countryside is thought to be his burial place, though local law forbids the removal of corpses from burial plots.

1964, notes and letters containing handwriting similar to Tenerly’s were recovered from the Rochester Underground, revealing a possible link Tenerly might have had to the Rochester City Bombings that took place in the 1920s. Not much else is known.