Perspective character

Name: Wilhelm Blecher
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: German
Profession: Mechanic
Home Location: Downtown Rochester Apartment
  • Rochester Anthenæum and Mechanics Institute (RAMI)
  • Bootleggers/Speakeasies
  • Independent Artisans Guild (I.A.G.)
  • Kinge Blecher (Mother) - Deceased (Alcohol Poisoning)
  • Albert Blecher Sr. (Father) - Mechanic
  • Albert Blecher Jr. (Brother) - Deceased, died in the Great War
Disposition: Doesn't care much for other people, or much for anything at all, other than possibly being successful (even if it's just a little bit) in his future, since most of those he was close to died early in their lives (brother and mother). He also dislikes much of society because many look down upon him as somewhat useless since he can't do much with his right side, and his left-side is still not as coordinated as his right was, since it's only recently become the dominant one.
Special skills/abilities: Good with hand(s) (especially before war injury), intelligent
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Somewhat antisocial, reserved, occasionally nervous and fidgety
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Wilhelm is a thin, lanky man who is, for the most part, somewhat unkempt. At first look, he looks slightly insane, especially since he looks like he might be hiding something while in reality he often just hides his injured side with a long coat, keeping his right arm inside the coat (thus the suspicious appearance).
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
To make enough money at his job to pay for apartment rent and classes.
To get a good enough education at night school to either get a degree or a well-paying job.
Regain functional control of right hand's fine motor skills because of the damage it suffered during the Great War.


Background (family, education, important life events)

The name Blecher is German and comes from the word blech, which means tin. The name is German for someone who works with tin, relating to the family’s history of work related to smithing and the like. Wilhelm is a German name coming from words meaning will/desire and protection, referring to the Wilhelm’s desire of success and learning. Albert is from words meaning noble and bright, also referring to the intelligence of its bearer. Kinge is a shortened version of the name Kunigunde, which comes from kuni (family) and gund (war), because of how the mother lost some of her family during the war.

Wilhelm Blecher was born to Albert and Kinge Blecher in 1899 in Rochester, a few years after the family immigrated to America in search of better work. Wilhelm had an older brother, named Albert as well (After his father). Wilhelm’s childhood wasn’t very unusual. He grew up in a lower-middle class family with a former education from the local school system. His father is a mechanic and was since and before Wilhelm and his brother were born. Wilhelm’s mother, Kinge, was a worker in one of the local textile factories. Both Wilhelm and his brother were often seen helping out their father in his workshop, usually doing small tasks like sweeping and fetching tools. Once the Great War started, both brothers went off to war. Wilhelm suffered severe injuries from an an artillery shell and lost most of his fine motor skills in his previously dominant right hand because of the severity of the injury (it covered a decent part of his right side) and a lack of proper medical treatment on the battlefield (although he didn’t suffer too much blood loss because the explosion cauterized the wound). The explosion also left Wilhelm nearly deaf in his right ear. Albert’s luck was even worse, as he was killed by a German soldier. Because of the loss of her son, Wilhelm’s mother fell into alcoholism, and before Wilhelm even returned from war after his injuries called for it, she had quit her job. Once the war was over, since Albert (the father) was the only one working to support the remaining three in the family (of which one was severely injured), WIlhelm started to work part time with his father to help bring in additional income. Shortly after Wilhelm returned in early 1918, his mother died of alcohol poisoning. Although saddened by the loss, the two remaining Blechers were now able to save up money as a result of one less person to support to pay for night classes at RAMI for Wilhelm to study physical sciences.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

Wilhelm is currently taking night classes at the Rochester Anthenæum and Mechanics Institute (RAMI), where he intends to get an education in a field where he doesn’t need to use his hands as much as he had previously intended and was accustomed to (since he lost the functionality of most of his right hand). Wilhelm has just recently started the classes and is still unsure on what profession may work well for him. He is also living in a small apartment with his father, and is working part time in his father’s shop to help pay both for the rent and the cost of attending the institute. Since he can’t do as much as he used to with his hands, he cannot do the difficult tasks required of a mechanic, and, as such can only do the mundane tasks he used to do as a child, like cleaning and organizing. Wilhelm also drinks often, ignoring prohibition laws and going to speakeasies. Although his own mother died from the same actions, Wilhelm often tries to wash away the pain and difficulty he now encounters daily, both from the loss of half of his family and the loss of his skill.