In addition to the metanarrative and fictional stories, we have three different types of wiki pages: items, locations, and characters. These are again divided into historical and fictional entries.

To create a new wiki entry, click the + sign to the left next to Pages and Files. Under Templates, choose the appropriate one:
  • Character-Fictional
  • Character-Historical
  • Character-Perspective
  • Item-Fictional
  • Item-Historical
  • Location-Fictional
  • Location-Fictional

Each template has a few different areas that require completing: a "stat block" that lists objective data for the entry (size, weight, value, etc.), a right-aligned image (roughly 250x250 pixels in size), and a narrative description. In order to get full credit for the entry, you need to include all parts of all the section, including an image. is a great place to find period specific copyright free images to use for your entries. Also don't forget about the Library InfoGuide and the multimedia section for inspiration.

Remember--the point of these wiki entries is that they become "playable" pieces in the narrative. Players need sufficient information to work them into their stories.

Item descriptions should be no less than 100 words and describe the general look, feel, use, and value of the item, as well as some historical perspective. Is the item relatively new in 1920, or has it been around awhile? For example, an automobile would be fairly common to see, but it would be expensive and out of the price range for many. The Eastman Kodak Brownie Camera, on the other hand, would have been both common and affordable.

Location descriptions should be no less than 175 words and describe the look, feel, and purpose of the location, along with any inhabitants. You should also drop a pin to the location on the map and indicate which section of the map it is located (see below). Think about the historical context of the location--has it been there long, or is it brand new? Does the location have a reputation? Think about how citizens would view a factory versus a park versus an orchestral hall.

In order to make finding locations easier, refer to the grid system on the Steampunk Rochester map page. For map location, add the number/letter of the section for the location (e.g. A5 for a location in the far NE corner of the map).

Character descriptions should be no less than 200 words and give a quick character portrait of the person. This includes their physical appearance, the personality traits, their skills or abilities, and a brief biographical sketch that describes their history and the characters' motivations and short- and long-term goals. Please remember to respect the memory of historical figures--don't suggest that an actual person was a murdering crime boss, unless the historical record suggests that. You may, however, create fictional characters loosely based on historical personages.

Perspective characters are the protagonists of the stories you will be writing. They are much more thorough than the characters listed above. We will talk about perspective characters in-depth in class.