Fictional character

Name: Wicked George Four Toes

Age: ?

Gender: male

Race/Ethnicity: white

Profession: bum

Location: kinda everywhere

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: talkative, daffy, foul-smelling

Biography (ca. 1921):
Wicked George Four Toes has four toes and can't tell you where he's from or how he got to where he is - not because he doesn't know, he just can't say. That being said, he's seemingly everywhere, from Tartarus to the Twombly House. Wherever he physically isn't, one can still sense his presence through the lingering smell that resides in his absence. Wicked George Four Toes claims he was the one to talk Leon Czolgosz into shooting President McKinley after McKinley stiffed George on a promise to get him one of them cushy government jobs. "I'm telling you, McKinley had it coming. Nobody stiffs Wicked George. As if I'd be caught dead being a government man, anyway. Are you listenin to me? Say, you got a spare penny?"

Some say giving Wicked George a penny will bring you good fortune.