Historical Item

Name: Whiskey

Category: Alcoholic Beverage

Size/weight: 10 ΒΌ => 3.2lb amber glass bottle

Rarity: Very rare in the 1900s (prohibition era)

Value: Around $3 an ounce

Uses: Medicinal use only any other use was illegal (could be prescribed)

Description (ca. 1921): An illegal substance that could only be only prescribed by a doctor. During the prohibition era whiskey was very valuable and hard to get. It was a well-known and well-liked drink before it became illegal to own or consume. Many criminal acts were done because of this such as smuggling, blackmail, theft, and so on. Pharmacists who wanted a piece of this highly profitable business sold prescriptions for alcohol under the table.

Pharmacists were not the only people trying to get in on the prosperous alcohol trade. Canadian bootleggers often brought their foreign whiskey across Lake Ontario into Rochester. The rum-running trade was booming in northeast America, and the authorities could hardly stop the flow of booze into the country. During the years of Prohibition, bootleggers made thousands of dollars and smuggled gallons of alcohol across the border, all while avoiding the reach of the law.