Fictional location

Name: West Main St. Geothermal Fill Station
Category: Geothermal Fuel Station
Size: Small, one story, size of house
Condition: New
Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921): The West Main St. Geothermal Fill Station is one of the newest fill stations built in Rochester. While many fill stations seem to be in the underground, supplying those below the city with easy access to fuel, the West Main is one of the few who have moved above ground, competing directly with the coal burning stations.

Located at the corner of West Main and Elizabeth, the Fill Station is a one story building similar to a ranch style home with a small gravel lot in front for parking vehicles and automatons. The storefront offers two self-serve steam punks, while the building itself faces the street with two wide windows displaying the different variations of steam compressor available for fill or purchase. The back of the building houses an office for the owner of the station, Merle Cuttling.

While the station stores compressed steam in a specially built holding tank at the back of the building for emergency purposes, its steam supply comes from a geothermal power line that snakes through the Rochester Underground and feeds from the Mt. Hope Geothermal Power Station.