Fictional character
Name: Wayne O'Rorke
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Irish-American
Profession: Thief, member of Bulldog Boys
Location: around D3, or at Middle-Knuckle Pub
Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Skills/ Abilities: lockpicking, stealth bribing, intimidation, and gunnery.
Characteristics: He is a slim man who likes to dress nice and spend his money. He has an arrogance to him which often goes hand in hand with his stubborness.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Wayne was a small-time thief, robbing shops and homes before he met Mickey Enright. Wayne was known as a man who could work his way around a lock pretty well. Wayne became a crucial member of their bootlegging operation instantly. Wayne was friends with a lot of disgruntled lower class workers, and this is what makes him so useful. Many of those workers work for companies that buy bulk quantities of industrial alcohol. Wayne bribes the workers to tip him off about incoming shipments, and then he steals them. When he can, he directly bribes the person who drives the shipment so there is no fuss when he steals it. If the industrial alcohol is in a warehouse, no problem. Wayne will go to the warehouse, pick the generally pretty lousy lock, and load up his car and drive off. If there is a security guard he either bribes them, or sneaks his way in there. He prefers to bribe them, as it makes his life easier. For information that leads to a good theft, he may pay around $100 ($1,200 in modern money). Many workers know that if you want some extra cash on the side, go to Wayne. He will pay you if you have information that leads to him stealing some shipments. But he does not pay them until he gets the shipment or knows the intel is good.

He takes the shipments to Harry Dowling who then redistills them multiple times to remove much of the methanol, and makes it drinkable. Wayne is also responsible for picking up shipments of grain alcohol from farmers along Sodus Bay who distill for some extra money on the side. He brings these shipments to Harry Dowling who is more of the distilling guy.