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Fictional location

Name: Ulysses Apartments

Category: Apartment Complex

Size: 4 story tall building

Condition: Good

Inhabitants: Nathan Garner, Ernest Garner, Adam Hausler, Lionel Tremaux

Map Location: D3

Description (ca. 1921):
Named after Ulysses S. Grant, this brick apartment complex has been standing in Rochester for almost 30 years, and is home to many lower middle and middle class families. Rent is manageable for most, mainly because the landlord, Adam Hausler, is usually spending his nights in some distant speakeasy and occasionally forgets to collect it.

The apartments usually have two bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, a bathroom, and a living room, as well as basic utilities such as water and heat. Both the building and the rooms show slight deterioration due to age but not to the point where anyone bothers to do anything about it.