Historical Item

Name: Trolley

Category: Public Transportation Vehicle

Size/weight: Slightly wider and longer than an average car

Rarity: Common throughout the city of Rochester

Value: n/a

Uses: Used for public transportation throughout the city of Rochester.

Description (ca. 1921):

The Trolley was a form of streetcar that ran on electricity and was used as a form of public transportation in the city of Rochester. The Rochester Railway Company operated a streetcar transit system in Rochester from 1890 until its acquisition by Rochester Transit Corp. in 1938. The streetcars in Rochester were originally all horse drawn but by 1921 they were all powered through electrical lines that run through the city. The trolley was used for transit in and around the city by many of its residents and allowed efficient use of roads as one trolley could take the place of up to 30-40 cars at the time(In terms of passenger limit).