Oven at Torta Signore
Oven at Torta Signore

Fictional location

Name: Torta Signore
Category: Bakery
Size: Small - Average
Condition: Maintained, but Messy
Inhabitants: Francesco D'Avici
Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921)

The building that Torta Signore is located in has been in Rochester as long as its inhabitants remember. It is a rather old, but well maintained building that sits directly in the center of the city. The sign on the outside has changed over the years of ownership, but now is says “Torta Signore” in an Italian script. On the storefront are two large windows that display the chef’s array of baked goods. Passersby often stop to marvel at Francesco’s intricate design and delectable smells and peer in to see him at work.

Inside, the store is largely open with a counter dividing the kitchen area and where customers order baked goods. In the back is a large oven that is built with complex gears and pipes. It has large slits at the top to give it make it seem like it has a face and faces the customers. It often frightens small children, but Francesco is able to calm them with a savory snack of some sorts.
One of the Many Francesco Creations
One of the Many Francesco Creations

Hanging from the ceiling are a multitude of varying sized pots and pans that Francesco uses for cooking and along the wall are racks that are littered with other ingredients he uses. There are a few counters that he uses to prep his dough which are always covered in fresh flour.

In the back right of the prep area is a door that leads to Francesco’s personal office. Inside is a desk that he uses to maintain the finances of Torta Signore and any other personal matters he has. Papers are strewn about on the desk and are illuminated by a lamp on his desk. He has a personal safe that is located in the wall that his desk rests next to and is hidden by a portrait of his parents that he brought overseas from Sicily.

In the rear of his office is a door that leads to the back alleys that surround the building. There is a dumpster here that Francesco uses for, well... dumpster purposes. It is mainly filled with excess food that Francesco has to throw out, but it also contains random scraps that other folk throw into it. He occasionally finds a vagrant sifting through the garbage wherein he shoos them away vehemently. The back alley is also where the runoff from the oven escapes. The smoke that is generated from the baking of pies permeates throughout the alley and mixes ever so clashingly with the rank smells of the dumpster.

Image Credit: The Bakery by oione
Image Credit: Steampunk Wedding Cakes