Image of Torta Signore's Oven
Image of Torta Signore's Oven

Fictional Item

Name: Torta Signore's Oven
Category: Appliance
Size/weight: Large/Heavy
Rarity: Unique
Value: Priceless
Uses: Baking delicious goods

Description (ca. 1921)

The oven inside Torta Signore is one-of-a-kind creation that Francesco commissioned upon arriving to Rochester. It is a large open-faced oven that is made up of delicately crafted gears and intricately placed pipelines. In the center is a pedestal that the crafted goods rest on while baking. The top awning is fashioned with two holes that creates the image of eyes and the base is lined with decorative teeth. Smoke and steam billow out of the oven’s mouth while it bakes creating an ethereal likeness to the store.

The children who enter his store are often frightened by its appearance, but are quickly distracted by the pastry displays found throughout the store. Francesco also gets the occasional tinkerer entering his store to marvel at the oven or ponder about its innerworkings.

Image Credit: The Bakery by oione