FTinkerer's Market.jpgictional location

Name: Tinkerer's Market

Category: Marketplace

Size: Very Large

Condition: Well-maintained

Inhabitants: Various craftspeople and mechanics

Map Location: B1

Description (ca. 1921): Due to the rapid increase in popularity of steam machines and crafts in Rochester, a few enterprising producers of tools and components got together to sell their goods in one location. The idea caught like wildfire, and soon the number of producers was several times the original few. Artisans, craftspeople, and mechanics also joined in to sell their products in the same place they bought their materials, increasing the audience of the marketplace from mechanics to the public as a whole. Because of the rapid expansion in size and value, the marketplace moved to a space in Exposition Park and branded itself the Tinkerer's Market. Currently, the Market boasts over a hundred vendors spanning many different products. Vendors' booths are located in long rows, which are open to the outside but covered by awnings so that the delicate crafts can still be sold in poor weather. The Market is open almost constantly, barring disasters and extreme weather, but only a few vendors sell during the midday hours, with business mostly happening in the evenings. The Market is particularly busy on weekends and holidays.