Perspective character

Name: Theodore Meyer
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White, Irish
Profession: Factory Manager
Home Location:
New Steam Society - Active member in promoting steam tech
Aristocrat (Industrialists) - Devoted to becoming a true aristocrat, already a staunch industrialist
Underground (Cloud District) - Trying to move into the "nice" underground district, and so spends time making connections there
David Tennant: Acquaintance. Has hired to create & repair steam technology for the factory.
Nathan Garner: Acquaintance. Has hired to create & repair steam technology for the factory.
Archibald Regiblaster: Friend. Boss, owns the factory. Tries to impress.
William Tenerly: Friend. Tries to impress, schmoozing into aristocracy.
Henrietta Meyer: Wife, housewife.
Francesca Manfredini: Mistress.
Thomas Meyer: Brother, manages Geothermal Plant
Disposition: Optimistic, conscientious (mostly). Fairly friendly and outgoing.
High concept: A factory worker trying to bring himself and his family into wealth and fame
Special skills/abilities:
Contacts +3
Persuasion +2
Willfulness +2
Academics (Literature) +1
Awareness +1
Empathy +1
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Refuses to let others see him unkempt. Afraid of dogs. Unfaithful to his wife.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Dressed very sharply. Well kept. Pudgy and short, but smiling.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
-Keep factory running
-Use geothermal energy
-Move into a large house in the underground "cloud district"
-Family becomes integral part of Rochester's aristocracy


Background (family, education, important life events)
Born in 1894 to Margaret and Thomas Meyer Sr., Theodore Meyer is a native born Rochesterian. Growing up in his family's house in Mt. Hope, his mother took care of him and his older brother Thomas Jr. His father spent the majority of his time working at Regiblaster Works as manager of the factory for the Regiblaster family. While his mother's kindness will never be forgotten, Thomas Sr. was Theodore's role model and Thedore looked up at him with adoration. He and his brother competed in friendly rivalry for their father's affection and approval, each turning into young entrepreneurs in an effort to gain their father's favor. A few years his senior, Thomas Jr. founded the Mt. Hope Geothermal Power Plant with seed money from his father.

Theodore attended a local public school as a child and went on to attend University of Rochester as a young adult, majoring in literature - his passion for books is matched only by his desire to create a booming business and raise his family.
Upon his father's death in 1916, Theodore took over the factory manager position at Regiblaster Works.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Theodore currently lives in the house he inherited from his father when he passed away. He shares the house with his mother and his wife and two daughters. While their living situation is much more comfortable than that of anyone who works for him, Theodore lusts for more wealth and a bigger house in a better area. The income he makes from working in the factory is spent frugally in an attempt to save money for a new abode.

While he remains dedicated to the support of his wife and children, Theodore often spends what little personal time he has visiting his Mistress, Francesca, with whom he has an illegitimate son. This bothers him to no end, as he wishes for a son to carry along his family name but cannot reveal the presence of his mistress or son to the world lest he be shunned for his adultery.

Theodore spends the majority of his time working at Regiblaster Works, managing the factory with more care than he does his own family. He is currently overseeing the transition from the factory's traditional coal burning steam furnaces to use the new geothermal compressed steam offered by his brother and the Mt. Hope Geothermal Power Station.

Epilogue (ca. 1953):
In the 32 years since that cold, harsh winter in Rochester much has come to pass. After fleeing from his explosive past, Theodore uprooted his life and abandoned his family to relocate to Albany with Francesca and their son. He left behind Henrietta and their daughters, as well as his name. Upon his arrival he took up the name Cristopher Jirak and quickly wedded Franceseca, who had changed her name to Curie.

Christopher assumed a management position at an up-and-coming steam-powered technology company, focusing on growing their investments in geothermal power to produce steam energy that could be safely transported long distances. As soon as he managed to secure enough income to furnish a moderately comfortable life, he invested heavily in company stocks and was incredibly well rewarded when his work at the company paid off.
Cristopher and Curie live a quiet life of extreme wealth from their villa in the New York countryside. The former holds multiple investments in many now-renowned technical companies and has retired from his job to enjoy the finer fruits of his labors. Their son, now a young man with as fiery as temper as his father had in his youth, holds a seat on the U.S. Senate on behalf of New York State and often helps to negotiate backroom deals that benefit the companies that Cristopher has shares in.

None of the family dare return to Rochester for fear of being recognized and implicated in the bombing of Archibald’s Prosthetics factory. While Curie had managed to weasel out details of their sudden departure from Cristopher years ago, Cristopher has never told their son or anyone else of the events that happened that fateful April afternoon. Cristopher often sits and wonders in the quiet of his study, nursing a glass of scotch, whether he did the right thing or if he should have done even more.