Fictional location

Name: The Wild South

Category: Underground Borough

Size: Large

Condition: Varies; Often squalid and dirty, but some places are quiet and decent, and others are dangerous.

Inhabitants: Mac, Jacob Lewandowski, Tabitha O'Hagredy

Map Location: E2, east of the RPTS Mount Hope Station

Description (ca. 1921): The Wild South is an underground borough to the south of central Rochester. Unlike the other boroughs, it is much more sprawling and expansive, as opposed to the Cloud District or Sunshine. It's primarily the home to wage laborers, poor artisans, and other parts of Rochester's lower class. As such, it has gained a reputation of crime, disease, and squalor, although in some areas it's unwarranted.

Nevertheless, there are certain sections of The Wild South that should be avoided, with pickpocketing, mugging, and assault being particularly rampant. The Rochester Police Department has been wary to enter these areas – in the face of personal injury and provoking the various crime rings that dwell within – with the worst being known as "Tartarus". Currently, it is close to lawless, except for the mafias and gangs that decide the rules from block to block.

Therefore, despite being made up mostly of residential buildings, The Wild South has become synonymous with the illegal trade of alcohol and narcotics, and violence and debauchery in general.