twombly house.jpg
Fictional location

Name: The Twombly House

Category: house

Size: 9 acres (above ground)

Condition: Magnificent

Inhabitants: T. Edgar Twombly, Patricia Twombly, Catherine Twombly

Map Location: D4

Description (ca. 1921):
The Twombly House, constructed in 1919, is an urban estate situated in the East End of Rochester. Built and furnished in lavish Beaux-Arts style, the Twombly House would be regarded as the new benchmark for opulence among Rochester’s high society at the dawn of the 1920s.

Framing its clean, classic white marble exterior between resplendent Corinthian pilasters and large, stately windows, the house glows from behind a dramatic fountain that makes the Fountain of Trevi seem uninspired in comparison. Upon entering, guests are immediately whisked away from the dreary rat race of Rochester into an awe-inspiring world of luxury and extravagance rivaled only perhaps by the Palace of Versailes. Inside, one’s eyes would be hard-stretched to find a surface unadorned with dazzling craftsmanship, fine rugs, linens, exquisite furniture, state-of-the-art technology, priceless art works, and exotic antiques. Within this mansion the Twomblys would create a new epicenter of upper class life in Rochester, hosting grand balls, concerts, banquets, and hosting politicians, captains of industry, artists, inventors, movers and shakers from all around.

The Twomblys were the first affluent family to delve underground, extending their property three times as far down as it extends up, at three times the expense - that is, even on the way down, one’s eye would still struggle to escape from Edgar and Patricia’s exorbitant taste in interior design. Free from the limits of building within reason above ground, underground the house seemingly carved straight through to the other side of the Earth, such was the scale of the development. The house’s underground boasted such features as a subterranean garden, a pool, a concert hall, a bowling alley, and the family’s personal pneumatic tube station. This extension into the underground would become trendsetting among the well-to-do, leading to development of the posh, private Cloud District neighborhood situated underneath the East End.