the_tabernacle.jpgFictional location

Name: The Tabernacle

Category: Church/Speakeasy

Size: Small

Condition: Rustic, Clean

Inhabitants: Gregory Sauer

Map Location: C3/D3

Description (ca. 1921):

Located in the sixth ward, The Tabernacle is a speakeasy which exists underneath The Church of St. Luke, a church ironically named after the Patron Saint of Brewers in the Roman Catholic faith. And while the church above is simple and rustic in nature, sporting just enough space for a congregation of less than one-hundred-fifty mass-goers and its residing priest, Gregory Sauer, the Tabernacle can contain roughly two hundred patrons across its two basement floors. Though on busy nights the windows are blacked out and service is delivered to visitor in the pews. Well known by aristocratic Catholics throughout the city, the establishment is a well kept secret, and a place of bonding for the influential community, while being relatively unknown to the poor believers in the sixth ward. From here Father Sauer runs many of his more important meetings with various men and women within the know here when he is not getting piss drink on his own stock. Yet, the appeal of the establishment is its rustic and formal atmosphere, being in a church has its perks after all. Not many would think to find crime in the holiest of places, right?