Historical Location
Name: The Schleyer Hotel

Category: Hotel/Speakeasy

Size: Approx. three to four stories tall.

Condition: Good

Inhabitants: Charles Schleyer

Map Location: B2

Description (ca. 1921): The Schleyer Hotel is run by three families – the Schleyers, Van Aukers, and Hendricks[1] – just north of downtown Rochester, in a predominantly German neighborhood (all three of whom are German as well). While reports are unclear, it seems that the speakeasy is tucked away on the second floor, with the rest of the floor disguised as a soft-drink shop that services the rest of the hotel.Beer from the Genesee Brewery was frequently dropped off on North Clinton Avenue to the Schleyer Hotel and a Jewish man (no name specified) dropped off kegs of whiskey.

Given its relatively short distance to the financial downtown, The Schleyer Hotel is frequented by many in the middle and upper classes, and gains a large patronage from the German populace, who are predominantly against Prohibition.
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