Fictional character

Name: The Prophet

Age: Unknown (50+)TheProhpet.png

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Taxi Driver / Anarchist


Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

Persuasion, Investigation, Perception.

The elderly man is typically on the constant move and has long since lost the build that used to fill his uniform. Worn in a baggy, yet well kept fashion, he is only ever seen in uniform, with his over-sized hat covering his forehead, and hiding the majority of his face from immediate view. A soft spoken but eloquent man, he leaves most with a sense of comfort; ironic to the nature of their interaction.

Biography (ca. 1921):

A man of mystery, the man known as the prophet is both a myth and a legend among many information brokers; as well as those seeking information throughout the northeast. The supposed founder of The Brokers guild, the prophet was responsible for the spread of various technological advances, made during the war, to the various tinkerers throughout the city of Rochester, as well as Buffalo area. How he obtained the information he gathered was still a mystery to this day, however some have claimed to have met this mythical man in person, driving a humming taxi, too loud to allow others to hear what transpired inside.

The spread of information, be it more works of engineering or information on various aristocrats, remained in heavy circulation throughout the 1910’s. Be it corrupt officials or a local gang’s hideout, any and everything was being made public knowledge. There was also word that the criminal acquisition of the spyder was in part due to information traded by the prophet, on their existence and creation. These actions continued until September 1917, where suddenly there was silence, which lasted for months on end. Where he went. or whether he was still alive, was left a mystery. Though some members of the broker's claim him to be their founder, there has been no proof to prove these claims. Supposedly however, some still encounter an old taxi where the driver will ask their thoughts of the current state of the city and which they would wish for: Knowledge, Power or Wealth.