Fnightowl.jpgictional location

Name: The NightOwl

Category: Jazz Club

Size: 2000 sqft main room, 3000 sqft basement

Condition: Well kept

Inhabitants: Wealthy, well off,

Map Location: F4

The NightOwl

Initially a small bar run by the late Bradly Durmire and his son Kent Durmire, The NightOwl, repurposed as a jazz club, boasts a swinging new life. Owned and operated in the shadows by Alicia Kemgal, and publicly run by Kent, The NightOwl serves clients nightly with food, dance, and the most popular bigband jazz of the day.


The NightOwl serves most all people, however due to its aesthetics the lounge has become a popular meeting spot for the economically sound and the business savvy.


The NightOwl is well known for it’s impeccable design, sporting a deep red interior accented by darkroot mahogany furnishings and detailing. The walls wear art and artifacts both contemporary and historical; both local and exotic. Candle light substitutes the prevailing bulb, casting shadows in the walls that dance lively along with the swinging jazz. Smoke from the lounges billow up and collect on the ceiling, a cloud stinking of sweat and tobacco and that stinging scent of moonshine.