lefever_estate.jpgFictional location

Name: The LeFever Estate

Category: Mansion

Size: Large

Condition: Slightly Unkempt Landscaping, Cluttered Interior

Inhabitants: Robert LeFever

Map Location: C3/D3

Description (ca. 1921):

A cozy estate surrounded by tightly packed iron fencing roughly eight feet high, consisting mostly of tree and brush with patches of open space, with a cobblestone road leading from the street to the house. Small for a mansion, the estate's more interesting feature is that the visible home consists only of a small library with a desk and couch accessible from the front and back door, a small kitchen adjacent and accessible from the library, and a bedroom accessible from the kitchen. However, the unseen portion of the mansion is accessed through a staircase located within the walk-in bedroom closet. Found just past the last set of hangers and business wear, a steep descent leads one into a work space roughly three times the size of the home above. A designated area covered in schematics with a lone wooden desk, and almost five times as many books as the upstairs library on shelves next to it. The rest of the space is littered in both complete and incomplete creations on a concrete floor, with powered machinery along the walls, and all manner of tools from various fields populating the center. One would not find the arrangement any less perfect for its famous resident. Robert LeFever, a retired professor and legendary inventor of some of the most advance automaton's at the turn of the century. He now keeps to his property and is either found gardening above ground, or heard in the echos of earth working on his next personal project. The only ones aware of the underground workshop are his mentees, former and current. Else many greedy and selfish hands would gleefully burst through the front door or take their shovels to the soil.