Fictional location

Name: The I.O [Informant's office]

Category: Office building, printing facility

Size: Mid-Size : 4-6 floors

Condition: Moderate, slight damage

Inhabitants: Workers in day, nobody at night (except during crunch work).

Map Location: F3

Description (ca. 1921):
"The last ray of truth in this mafia and aristocrat controlled city." - Local account by a group of factory workers.

The I.O, as some have taken to calling it, is the place of business for The Informant newspaper company. A location standing tall in Rochester for the last 7 years. Located in one of the more busy areas of Rochester, the company makes up for its young age with the fact that it can easily reach many of the local working class directly from their building. Allowing their deliverymen to worry primarily on more distant locations throughout the city.

The first floor serves as a store for the paper with a sit down area for those who need a rest on their way to & from work or on their lunch breaks. the next 3 floors are dedicated solely to the creation of the paper, with editors and journalists working around the clock to deliver important stories in the most timely fashion they were capable of. Following this were the last two floors which held the presses, which were run as long as they could each day to make the demand as promptly as possible. "A building that never sleeps on the truth.", one manager claimed as he had little trouble convincing most of the workers to work overtime in a crunch. But the general consensus of the group was fine with this due to a collective agreement on what they were aiming to do for the city.

Rumored tied to Brokers, as well as strong connections to labor unions have caused various attacks on the building over the years, including a small fire 2 years ago which damaged the west side of the building. The section has since been rebuilt, but there are still scorch marks on the outer walls. That along with general wear and tear has left the building looking much older than its actual age.