Fictional Item

Name: The Gauntlet

Category: tool

Size/weight: 4lbs

Rarity: Unique

Value: Medium

Carries tools and other small equipment and some devices

Description (ca. 1921):
The Gauntlet is a device worn by George McHugo on his right arm that gives him quick access to his tools and several other devices of his choosing that relate to whatever job he is doing at the time. It was invented due to George noticing how during jobs such as his work on the RTPS carrying around a large box of tools into the areas that he was required to go was inconvenient and cumbersome. He devised a device that would still allow the use of his hand and whole arm, but would give him easy access to the tools and devices he needed for a specific job. The Gauntlet looks sort of like a knights gauntlet but has tiny spring loaded compartments where George loads his specific tools for the job at hand before going to the job. This way his work is much more efficient because it removes the need to stop what he is doing to go dig around in a tool box that might not even be where he is working due to space constraints. It also allows him to have access to tools where ever he goes since he never quite knows when the need for a good tool will arise.