Fictional location

Name: The Bardner Estate

Category: Mansion

Size: 8 Acres

Condition: Excellent

Inhabitants: Brit Bardner, Booth Bardner

Map Location: Barrington St. Along the line between C4 and D4

Description (ca. 1921):
The Bardner Estate was built in 1917 in preparation for Brit Bardner's move in. The mansion is not only home to Brit and his mother, but is used as a headquarter's for Brit's crew. It is fully staffed with maids and cooks to keep Brit's mother (Booth Bardner) at peace and healthy. As She grows old she needs more attention that Brit must provide. The house is filled with maids and chefs that take care of those who come through. The basement is foritified so that none can enter without accessing the steamlabs and releasing the doors from inside or out. Only Brit and his mother have access and know the codes to get in and out.