Fictional location

Name: Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted

Category: School

Size: 200,000 sqft

Condition: Well kept

Inhabitants: Students, William Tenerly

Map Location: D2

Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted

Operating in tandem with the Tenerly Museum of Automatonics, the school promotes hands on, self motivated team learning and problem solving. While not officially recognized as a school, students attending have received guidance from industry leads, such as Tenerly himself. Individuals enrolled are often recruited from institutions such as RAMI or the University of Rochester after displaying advanced talents for mechanics. Tenerly has boasted the the school “...does not hand out grades, as there are no assignments. [The students] are already the best of the best, their time here ends when I hire them.”

Associated Deaths

The school has been host of several student deaths and accompanied investigations. Generally, these deaths occur from unsupervised handling of Tenmen and war related technology. Artifacts within the museum’s vault are kept in entirely working order, so accidents are common and expected, though death much less common. All event were concluded as being accidental, and due to safety waivers signed prior to enrollment, the school could not be held accountable.

Three deaths have been directly associated with the handing of Puddin’ Pie, two of which occurred when the relaxed safety parameters caused the automaton to activate, crushing the head of one student working inside the chassis, while accosting another who had been researching firearms for an unrelated project.