Fictional location
Name: Tenerly Museum of Automatonics

Category: Museum

Size: 200,000 sqft, multiple floors.

Condition: Well kept

Inhabitants: Students, faculty, William Tenerly

Map Location: D2

Tenerly Museum of Automatonics

The Tenerly Museum of Automatonics, designed and contracted by William Tenerly, promotes the history and viability of automatons. Opened to the public in June of 1919, the the museum has seen over 300,000 visitors, and has raised large sums of money for research. The museum is lauded as being one of the most complete catalogs of historical and modern automatics, boasting over 200,000 square feet of underground space holding articles dating back to the 16th century. It the Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted, where students are allowed access to its vast collection of mechanical artifacts.

Notable Exhibits

Exhibits in the museum are constantly in circulation, but certain main-standers and favorites are always present.
These include: