external image Tesla_colorado_adjusted.jpgFictional Item

Name: Teleforce Cannon

Category: weapon

Size/weight: ~8 ft tall, ~10,000 lbs

Rarity: rare

Value: expensive?

Uses: destruction of property and human lives

Description (ca. 1921):

This "death ray" was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1907 and was used in the Great War. Although its existence was sensational, and it was the subject of much intrigue, Tesla never revealed how it worked in its entirety, only going so far as to admit that it "fire[d] a concentrated particle beam". Its major use was striking down bomber zeppelins and mowing through human armies. It proved ineffective, as there were few opportunities for its use when Germany began to invest heavily in battle automatons, which were hardly affected by the weapon, taking little physical damage and having cogs and gears in place of biological brains.