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Fictional location

Name: Tawny Hills Apartments

Category: Apartment complex

Size: 6 stories, small apartments

Condition: Below average for 99% of the building, front desk area is slightly above average

Inhabitants: Charlene Burns, Elaine Ripley, Jack Ashton, Lily, Mouse

Map Location: D3

Description (ca. 1921):
Tawny Hills Apartments is a rather small apartment complex located in south-east Rochester. The residents living in Tawny Hills are from a mixture of backgrounds, but most are lower or lower-middle class. The prices are deemed fair, keeping in mind that power and water occasionally do not work. The apartment are all small in size, with only three rooms each: a main room, bathroom, and bedroom. The owner, Jack Ashton, is an older gentleman who is very kind to his tenants though, so many are willing to overlook the short comings. The first floor houses the main desk, where the owner can often be found if not wandering the halls.
A small shrub named Lily sits in a pot at the corner of this front desk and main staircase. No one knows where the plant came from or how long it has been there. Some think it has been there since before the building was built. Pets are not allowed except for the owner's cat, Mouse, who is free to wander the building as he chooses. Mouse often finds his way into the apartment of tenants, but none are allowed to even joke about harming him, lest they want to get kicked out.