Tartarus.pngFictional location

Name: Tartarus

Category: Area

Size: Blurry; generally considered a dozen blocks or so.

Condition: Wretched

Inhabitants: Mac

Map Location: E2, within The Wild South, off the RPTS Mount Hope Station

Description (ca. 1921): Tartarus exists in the depths of The Wild South, and is known throughout the city as the epicenter of Rochester's crime and violence. In particular, it is home to the infamous Red Head's Den, which in itself is the focal point of much of the city's illegal activity.

The police dare not enter in uniform, where the muggers shake down people in the open, and the prostitutes go where they please. The streets are strewn with garbage and muck, reeking the area with horrific smells and sights. Structures are often in a state of disrepair, made from rotting wood or mismatched stone and brick. Those few in fine standing are perhaps the most dangerous, owned by those with the guns to police them, and the temperament to prefer such a place.

Due to its lack of government, however, there has spawned remarkable black and grey markets, becoming the primary location to purchase everything from information, booze, and muscle, to less-than-legal machinery, automatons, and even modified airships.