ictional Item

Name: T-Steam Engine

Category: Tool/Engine

Size/weight: 370 lbs

Common to find and use, but in comparison to it's petrol original it's more rare. However, it's more common in areas that have more hills.

$40 U.S. Dollars

Replacement for the Ford Model T petrol engine; potential replacement for gas

Description (ca. 1921):
Roughly the same weight, size, and make-up of the original engine, the T-Steam engine was meant to be a more cost efficient and hill friendly alternative to the early designs. Rerouting the original's multi-fuel ability to enhance the steam power so that it didn't have to rely on multiple forms of fuel, instead going through multiple stages of pressure to produce steam. The steam allowed the 'no pump, gravity based' system of the original to work even on the steeper hills the original couldn't manage due to the nature of steam vs vicarious liquids. It also removed the necessity of the cooling system, opening that up for more steam efficiency in such a small space. The downside is the mechanism needs to rest longer so as not to over pressurize.