Fictional location

Name: Sunshine

Category: Underground Neighborhood

Size: about 120,000 square feet

Condition: Watch your step

Inhabitants: lower class, population: around 300

Map Location: C2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Lyell Ave Underground, nicknamed "Sunshine," was one of the first neighborhoods in the Rochester Underground. As construction on the Rochester Pneumatic Tube System pushed on into the cruel, bitter winter months, workers and immigrants began constructing their own provisional villages alongside the subterranean tubes to find work and keep warm.

Sunshine's growth outstripped that of the other underground neighborhoods in the early days of the RPTS, with a population pushing 1,500 at its peak. However, tragedy would strike early in April of 2016 when uninhibited development below the station would spur the collapse of the foundation of Lyell Station, causing the tube to collapse and sending a passenger capsule crashing into an oncoming subway train, killing 200, mostly underground residents. This accident would earn the station the title of "Mayhem Station" among the locals, and sparked the exodus of over half the population of Sunshine.

Sunshine still lives in the shadow of this tragedy, with a majority of its structures left collapsed, abandoned, or in a state of decay. However, the neighborhood still plays host to a sizeable community of lower class immigrants and a thriving crime culture. Sunshine has become a favorite spot among those who are looking to dispose of a body.