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Fictional location

Name: Studio 6

Category: Speakeasy

Size: Small; two-story workshop, with the speakeasy underneath.

Condition: Excellent

Inhabitants: Alfio Boscarino

Map Location: C2

Description (ca. 1921): Studio 6 is an up-scale speakeasy run in the basement of a tailor shop, located on the fringe of the wealthier areas of Rochester. By day the place is run like any legitimate business, with two stories for a main workshop, and five studios above. The basement, once an abandoned studio space, is where the illicit bar gains its name.

After entering through an inconspicuous closet door, the room reveals to littered with posh upholstery and furniture, and a glass chandelier hovering from the ceiling. A granite bar at the near end gives way to a band stage at the other, while small tables and chairs populate the floor along the way. A veiled doorway near the bar gives way to a private room, which few people are seen to be entering or leaving, despite claims that it's reserved.