Museum of Play.jpg
Historical Location

Name: Strong Museum of Play

Category: Museum

Size: 282,000 square feet

Condition: Newly renovated in 2006

Inhabitants: Originally contained Margaret Strong’s collection of dolls and other personal belongings

Map Location:1 Manhattan Square Drive, Rochester, NY

Description (ca. 1921):
Margaret Woodbury Strong, being the excessive doll and household toy collector, donated her vast collection 1968 to an establishment she called the “Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum of Fascination”. The objects of Margaret’s interest didn’t consist of anything of the colonial era antiques but of items produced closer to her own time period, items from after the industrial revolution had boomed in the United States. A year later, before her death, she gave her assets to help support the museum and so it opened 13 years later with a 156,000 square foot building in the downtown area of Rochester. Margaret’s donation of her wealth allowed the people to get a better sense of how the industrialization and progress in the U.S. changed common life.