Fictional Item

Name: The Steamwasher

Category: Robotics/Mechanics/Tools

Approximately 65 pounds, when made of steel, 54 in newer aluminum versions.
Average Height stands at 5'5".

7/10. They're not uncommon, but only found in the households of those that can afford it.

200-300 U.S. Dollars (WIP - trying to find cost of metals in the 1900s)

Effective and sanitary dish cleaning.

Description (ca. 1921):
A humanoid dishwasher advertised to be more ‘personable’ looking than the large ‘ostentatious’ boxes that were currently being developed. More delicate dishes get placed inside the belly of the machine itself while the outside mechanical hands take care of the rest. Originally meant to bridge the domestic gap between person and machine, it has become mostly an object of the wealthy due to its intricate nature, metal weigh, and high cost.

"Made of a mix of fine metals and true American craftsmanship, the Steamwasher is as personable as your neighbor! With delicate hands and smooth brass features, no amount of pots, pans and plates can beat this beauty! For the finer things in your crockery cupboard, she's a special place for those too. She simply puts them in her internal washers to be delicately picked at without skipping a beat." - Radio and TV ad

[A domestic dishwasher had been developed in 1920, but did not see widespread use until the 50s, common by the 70s.]