FSteam-Powered Prostheses.pngictional Item

Name: Steam-Powered Prostheses

Category: Medical/Tool

Size/weight: Varies depending on body part; more expensive models are more lightweight.

Rarity: Uncommon

Value: Moderately expensive to very expensive

Uses: Regaining mobility and functionality after the loss of body parts

Description (ca. 1921): Prostheses became much more common during and following the Great War, with returning veterans increasing demand and advances in steam technology allowing for more useful and comfortable prostheses. Styles and materials are dependent on both the craftsperson, with different artisans having different preferred techniques and schematics, and price, as some of the more complicated machinery can be quite expensive. More affluent patients are typically seen with comfortable and fancy designer pieces, while lower class patients often have ill-fitting and bare-bones prostheses. Particularly eccentric customers and engineers sometimes add additional functionalities to prostheses, ranging from the common gadgets, such as watches, cameras, and other such devices, to more shady things like weapons and hidden compartments.