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Fictional Item

Name: Steam Wolf

Category: Mechanical Animal

Size/weight: 3.2 feet, 173 lbs

Rarity: Rare

Value: Unknown

Uses: To entertain Seneca Zoo patrons

Description (ca. 1921):
In 1917, the Seneca Park Zoo commissioned many inventors to create new steam animals for their zoo and gave them free reign over which ones to create, "as long as they worked" and were entertaining. Nathan and Ernest Garner opted to create the Steam Wolf, a fully mechanical animal crafted from copper and brass.They used the steam technology to make the beast more of a novelty, sacrificing realism in exchange for crowd appeal. As a result, it was designed with exaggerated claws, teeth, and eyes. The sounds of the steam engine were tweaked in order to better emulate a "growl", scaring some small children every time it exhaled steam. It's tail and "spine" are made of of numerous small, moving pieces of metal that move with the creature, helping to better emulate hair and make the beast seem more real. The Steam Wolf is larger than an actual wolf, as well as more massive, though not by too much. For novelty's sake, the machine is kept in a pen and occasionally used for shows where the zookeepers will show off its talents.

This creature is not sentient, but is capable of mimicking the movements of a real wolf by responding to certain stimuli, such as a howl or certain voice commands. Some of its abilities include a slightly garbled "howl", pacing around its pen, snarling, sitting, running around its pen, wagging its tail and standing on its hind legs. Most of the time it is either set to the pacing setting or in a "rest" position, where it would lie down and "snore" as patrons walked past. It's ears, head, and tail are capable of independent movement and constantly adjust, as a deliberate side effect of the steam flowing throughout the body. It's engine is in the center of its torso and occasionally one can see the coals that power it glowing brightly between the seams of its metal shell.

The Steam Wolf is currently a very popular attraction, and plans to enlist the Garners for a Steam Wolf Mk.II are in the works, but contact has not yet been made with either family member at this time.