Fictional locationexternal image 1908millst.jpg

Name: Steam Repairs and Restorations

Category: Repair shop

Size: Small

Condition: Fair condition

Inhabitants: Machinists and Mechanics of varying skill

Map Location: Furnace St, F1

Description (ca. 1921):

Steam Repairs and Restorations arose as a result of the booming steam business in Rochester. Instead of joining an already crowded market of machineries and factories, owner David Sebert decided to open a shop to service the factories in the area. After buying a small property in the factory district, Sebert hired a modest crew of mechanics and advertised on-site repairs for good prices to anyone in the area. Due to the building's convenient location, Steam Repairs and Restorations became known for their fast service. Eventually Sebert was able to open a small in-house repair area for complicated repairs that required specialized tools, but the majority of business still involved repair calls to various local factories. Sebert currently employs two senior mechanics and a crew of technicians, sometimes nicknamed "grease monkeys", to perform on-site repairs in small places. This crew is primarily small children, with the notable exception of Gumble Beddict, a 22 year old man that has worked at Steam Repairs and Restorations for over 10 years.