FSteam Artisan's Tools.jpgictional Item

Name: Steam Artisan's Tools

Category: Tool

Size/weight: Individually: Very small to medium-sized; lightweight
As a set: Briefcase sized; somewhat weighty

Rarity: Fairly rare

Value: Extremely valuable

Uses: Crafting complex systems used in steam-powered gadgets

Description (ca. 1921): While generic, mass-produced mechanics tools are fairly easy to come by, a true set of steam artisan's tools are a rare and special item. Each piece is typically hand crafted and calibrated, constructed of strong but light materials, and are as beautiful as the things they are used to create. Sizes of tool sets vary, usually containing anywhere between twenty and forty assorted calipers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other miscellaneous tools. Artisan's tools are typically kept in briefcase sized cases, with many pockets, pouches, and straps to hold the tools in. Cases are often as elegant and expensive as the tools themselves, as keeping one's tools well maintained and properly protected is foremost in the responsibilities of a steam artisan.