Rochester State Hospital.jpg
Historical Location

Name: Rochester State Hospital

Category: Hospital


Condition: Somewhat Old

Inhabitants: Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

Map Location: E2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Monroe County Alms House, or the Monroe County Poor House, was constructed in 1826. At first patients of all types of disabilities were dumped into similar manner of care in the asylum. Over time, additional facilities and buildings were added to it to help care for the mentally ill. In the 1940's was the large movement for improved treatment of the mentally impaired, led by Dorthea Dix. In 1853 the Work House was added, containing 92 cells for both men and women (and sometimes even children). In 1857, part of the alms house was made to house and care for mentally ill patients. This sector of the hospital was named the Monroe County Insane Asylum. This addition expanded capacity by 48 and allowed for entertainment, games, and activities for the patients initially, but these luxuries soon fell into disuse. Also, in 1959, additions were made to allows for the housing of employees. There were a few fires, both in 1865 and 1868, but the buildings were replaced, and in 1869, new buildings were constructed altogether out of brick. Later, the Work House became the Penitentiary. In 1870, an additional wing was constructed to house an additional 25 patients. In 1871 and 1872, 100 and 41 rooms were added, respectively. By the end of 1972 a new Alms House was opened, as well as a new building for the Asylum. On July 1, 1891 the Monroe County Insane Asylum was renamed the Rochester State Hospital. By 1902 the asylum had been expanded by 200, from a capacity of 300 beds. By 1916, a total of over 1,500 patients were being cared for with a capacity of just under 1,300 beds. Sometimes if a patient passed away with no family connections, the body would be donated to medical colleges to help scientific studies of the human anatomy.