Fictional location

Name: St. Paul Street Fire Station
Category: Fire House
Size: Medium, half a city block
Condition: Well maintained
Map Location: C2

Description (ca. 1921): St. Paul Street Fire Station is one of the largest fire stations in the city of Rochester. Located on the banks of the Genesee under a mile from the center of the city, the building takes up almost half a city block. It's bright red brick walls and uniquely arched roof have earned it a spot in the city's heart as its most beautiful station. The station serves a large portion of the city east of the river.

The St. Paul Street Fire Station is unique in the city of Rochester in that it is the first and only to adopt both MkIV Steam Fire Suits and Dr. Jerome Belanger's Fantastic Firefighting Automatons (or DJB's FFAs for short). St. Paul's fire fighters wear the Steam Fire Suits for protection and direct DJBFFAs from their relative safety into the blazing inferno of the poor citizen's home. These steam powered machines are incredibly useful for putting out fires and have increased the survival rate of fire fighters tremendously, while decreasing the amount of damage fires can do to the city.

While the fire station is a government facility and is funded by taxpayer money, Boss Aldridge has approved a new insurance within the city for emergency fire services to help pay for these immensely expensive steam machines. Under this new insurance scheme, only those who pay a monthly fee are eligible to receive the services of the St. Paul Street Fire Station. The insurance fees are above what most workers can afford, meaning the services of the fire station are reserved only for factories and well-off residents.

The inside of the fire station is a mix between a barracks and a garage. A chow hall and bunks take up the top floor, accompanied by the fire chief's room. Two truck bays host a modified truck used for transporting the suits and automatons on the ground floor. The rest of the ground floor contains the bays for the Steam Fire Suits and Firefighting Automatons, as well as a workshop that can offer simple repairs for common malfunctions in equipment. A pump runs to the river, behind the building, to bring water in for putting out fires. In the automaton bay is a coal storage room. Despite the coal restrictions on the city, the fire station has near unlimited access to the resource.

Photo Credit:Fire Station