Historical Location
Name: St. Patricks Cemetery
Category: Cemetery
Size: large
Condition: overgrown
Inhabitants: about 6,000 bodies
Map Location: E4

Description (ca. 1921):
Pinnacle Hill is the highest point of Rochester, at 749 ft. above sea level (1). Some think this makes it the ideal spot for burial, as they are the closest they can ever be in Rochester to their deceased loved ones in heaven. It is run by the St. Patricks Cathedral, and opened in 1838 (1). The last burial in the cemetery was in 1900 (2), but families were asked to remove their relatives back in 1871 as it was becoming crowded (1). Between 1871 and the mid 1930s about 1,300 bodies had been moved, and later in 1935 the remaining 4,769 bodies were moved (2).

In the confusion that accompanies the transfer of bodies and the loss of records, opportunities open. A plot where a recently moved body was might be the perfect place to hide a fresh body. Although this is illegal, and ill-advised by any good Catholic, it very well could happen.

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