Historical Location
Name: St. Patricks Cathedral
Category: Catholic Cathedral
Size: Fairly large
Condition: Nice
Inhabitants:it can hold hundreds (see picture of interior)
Map Location: F1
Description (ca. 1921):
St. Patricks originally started off as a church in 1823, the very first Catholic Church in Rochester. As the number of Catholics in the city increased, so did the need for space. 8 years later it was made twice as large. Then in 1864 it was also enlargened. By 1870, the church was so popular that it became a cathedral. It was a beautiful construction utilizing the gothic style of architecture, but the tower was left unfinished. In 1898 the church was under construction yet again, and the tower was completed. The beauty of the cathedral was of such importance that they obtained their windows from Germany. They also oversaw the St. Patricks Cemetery on Pinnacle Hill, which is quite a ways away from the cathedral.

By 1914 the cathedral began to see some problems. Kodak had been expanding their hold very nearby, making the church seem less palatable. The Kodak Office Tower infringing upon the historical catholic cathedral is yet another reason for catholics to be angry in 1921. Attendance to the cathedral has been dwindling, and everyone knows it is just a matter of time before they sell the plot to Kodak.


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