Fictional location

Name: Springstine Springs
Wilson's Garage.jpg

Category: Underground Low-Income Community

Size: Below Ground: 4.5 stories, 1975 sf

Condition: Poorly maintained and fairly messy, distinct odor lingers in the air.

Inhabitants: Springstine family, family friends, and extended family. Scoot

Map Location: C2

Description (ca. 1921):
The only property owned by the Springstine family since they entered into a state of perpetual cyclic poverty. The edifice was constructed as a live-in mechanics shop back in 1883 and was foreclosed by the bank after all the residents were having a picnic above Sunshine when it collapsed. Afterwards, the price of the house plummeted due to the area being deemed unsafe to habitation due to the wreckage. Scoot purchased it soon after the Seneca Park Conspiracy trials using the money gained in the process.