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Perspective character

Name: Sparky
Age: 6 (42 Dog Years)
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Canine (Labrador Retreiver)
Profession: Small package delivery
Home Location: Neighborhood around the Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted
Disposition: Excited, Optimistic, Daring
High concept: The neighborhood's best friend
Special skills/abilities:
  • Can deliver notes and small parcels within his neighborhood.
  • Has a keen sense for helping people
Notable flaws/weaknesses:
  • Easily distracted by other activities while completing tasks.
  • Can be tricked into doing things with the promise of treats.
  • Prone to fleas.
  • N/A
Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Large (2'1" ,75 lbs.) but fairly normal size yellow Labrador retriever with a powerful muscular build and bushy tail. His fur is short and dense and fairly shiny. Wears an old pair of googles with leather straps. He has a leather collar with a small metal contraption on it that acts a voice box . A small leather pouch strapped to the side of his torso.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Survive on a daily basis by finding food and shelter.
Gain approval from those in the neighborhood through loyal service.
Protect and help his friends and his neighborhood in general.


Background (family, education, important life events)

Early Life (1915-1916)
Sparky was first sighted as a puppy in 1915 on the street near the Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted. In the same year, Sparky was adopted by a student at the Tenerly School. Sparky's first owner took great care of Sparky, but was not allowed to have pets where he was living. In 1916 Sparky's owner was told he had to get rid of Sparky or be evicted.

Several other students at the Tenerly School had grown fond of Sparky and decided to take up his ownership. However, many of the students realized they were too busy to take care of Sparky full time and Sparky began moving from house to house. By moving around from house to house, Sparky quickly learned the neighborhood and would go exploring when the students were at school. Despite frequently moving around, students have continually provided Sparky with food and shelter.

Science Experiment (1917-1918)
Between 1917 and 1918 Sparky was the subject of several experiments by students. The goggles he can be seen wearing were a failed attempt to fix his colorblindness. A voice box was attached to Sparky's collar that attempts to translate his barks into English. Due to Sparky's regular travel around the neighborhood, several students started using sparky to deliver letters and small packages to each other.

Neighborhood Hero (1920 - 1921)
In March of 1920, Sparky gained notoriety when he defended a student who was being robbed by biting and chasing off the assailant. There were 5 similar incidents in 1920 where it was noted that sparky fought off criminals targeting students. News of Sparky's bravery has greatly contributed to the high level of respect and kindness that Sparky receives in his neighborhood.

A few people in the Tenerly School Neighborhood have complained that Sparky can be too aggressive when he encounters strangers. There is concern that he may one day attack an innocent person walking through the neighborhood.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Currently, Sparky resides among several residences in the neighborhood around the Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted. He spends his day wandering around the neighborhood, visiting different residences, getting small meals and treats. He occasionally is given letters and small packages to deliver to other residents in the neighborhood. Sparky can sometimes be seen patrolling the neighborhood, greeting familiar people and confronting strangers. At night, sparky has been known to sleep at the residents of several Tenerly School students. He has also been seen sleeping on the streets around the neighborhood.

Large but fairly normal size yellow Labrador retriever with a powerful muscular build. His fur is short and dense and fairly shiny.