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Fictional Item

Name: Smoketop Hat

Category: Hat

Size/weight: 10lbs

Rarity: Custom Made

Value: 4x the going rate for a hat

Uses: Keeping head warm, fashion

Description (ca. 1921):
A fashion statement popularized by tinkerers, this hat serves no practical purpose - and does it with the highest standards of modern fashion. A small coal-fed furnace in the top of the hat continuously spews a plume of putrid smoke while spinning and clicking a set of gears that lead nowhere and turn nothing important. And custom made at four times the going rate for a hat of its size, the only ones who can afford this useless 'art' are the very rich or the very dedicated to the future of steampunk. The first version was created as an advertisement for a Tinkerer whose shop went out of business after the hat exploded and burnt the building down. Thankfully, later versions are more stable, though if the wearer notices that their hair is on fire it is recommended they find the nearest Dr. Jerome Belanger's Famous Firefighting Automaton.