Fictional Item

Name: Skin Doll

Category: Automaton

Size/weight: 160 lb - 200 lb

Rarity: Uncommon, still in research phase

Value: $100 - $400

Uses: Temporary or permanent replacement companionship for the bereaved or lonely

Skin Doll

Manufactured in small quantities for trial purposes by Tenery Industries, the Skin Doll is the culmination of years of research into subtle automatonics. It is designed to appear and act like a human being. A Skin Doll is an automaton with a large array of customizable features, such as high, sex, facial features, size, and so forth. The Skin Doll's most impressive feature is its personable appearance, as draped around it’s metal interior is a casing of rubber designed to mimic human flesh. It maintains full mobility, and can complete up to 12 hours of gentle activity on one reboiler fill. It is currently in its testing phase, with intentions to see society’s reaction to the uncanny automata.


The Skin Dolls were originally conceptualized by William Tenerly during the Great War, after observing soldiers forming emotional attachments to their appointed Tenmen. This lead Tenerly and company to research the psychology around the formation of these attachments. In these tests, a volunteer would be sat in front of an object, and that object would be subjected to different stimuli, while the volunteer would report their feelings.

Situations include:

  • An apple being eaten.
  • An apple with a face being eaten.
  • An apple with a distressed face being eaten.
  • An apple with a distressed face being eaten in front of a group of apples, also looking distressed.
  • A sad clown painting being bashed with a hammer.
  • A sad clown being bashed with a hammer.
  • A happy porcelain cat holding a note reading “You’re looking nice today”
  • A marionette puppeteered by a master marionettist.
  • A marionette puppeteered by an oscillating fan.
  • A marionette, fallen and unmoving.
  • An unmoving Tenmen
  • A Tenmen continuously walking into a wall
  • A Tenmen, laying on the ground, appearing to struggle.
  • And others.

Tests were inconclusive, and results were scraped, with Tenerly opting instead to “...just make them look like people. People’ll like if they look like people.”