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Perspective character

Name: Bo "Scoot" Springstine
Age: Younger than ma and pa
Gender: Guy
Race/Ethnicity: Part inbred, part hillbilly
Profession: "fixer"

ome Location: Git'r Dun Garage or Springstine Springs
Memberships/Factions: Springstine Family
Relationships: Associated with Gabrielle Garnier
High concept:
Special skills/abilities: Jury Rigging Master
Notable flaws/weaknesses: 1.5 legs, crippled
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): 3' 4" (sitting), 115 lbs.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
No one shall fall victim to an oppressive society
under my watch. I shall begin paving a path out
of the slums, one brick at a time. Starting first
with providing a community that fosters progress.
My family is the epitome of what is wrong
with this city. Their future is defined by
their past. Alone they cannot overcome
oppression. That is where I come in.
If I, of all people, was able to earn a second shot, then
why should I waste it by reverting to my former self. I
shall use this opportunity to right my wrongs and guide
others to a better way of life.


Background and Current Biography (ca. 1921): (family, education, important life events)

Any member of the Springstine family would've told "home is where you make it" which was rang true, for their family made a home of every place they could before they were forced to leave whether it be eviction, condemnation, or completely exhausting their living quarters. This all changed when Scoot's tinkering saved his family by losing his legs.

Although Bo was born in a cave down by the river, he grew up amid a community teeming with productivity, new technology, and opportunity. Sunshine, however, was not the safest place to grow up. The place was dirty, unsupervised, and running rampant with drugs and mob activity which to survive you have to know your surroundings and know how to get out of sticky situations. Seeing that Bo was never graced with athletic talent since he was often knocked over by the bursts of air from pneumatic blow-off valve exhausts nor was he blessed with the golden tongue to weave words in ways to keep him safe, he had looked elsewhere to find a way to make it in Rochester's underground. With an abundance parts laying around waiting to be taken, tools from various shops around, and abandoned parts of the underground that can be used as a makeshift workstation. Bo, with the help from many of his cousins, began building contraptions left and right to aid in his racket of organized tom foolery. Without any form of schooling readily available to his family he studied under the guidance of a craftsman that frequented Sunshine, Richard Garnier, and slowly but surely deviated bo from the path of deviance. As an apprentice in Garnier's Workshop he dedicated his free time to exploring the applications of steam and pneumatic systems as opposed to the mechanical and prosthetic work he did in the shop. With the help and encouragement from his cousins they began building and racing pneumatic carts and began the first underground cart racing racket which was run and overseen by the Springstine family as a front for bootlegging goods in Sunshine. All of the earnings Bo made during this time he saved and hid in Garnier's Workshop, up until the collapse of Sunshine Bo had been calculating, committed to reforming the underground for the better, and always one step ahead of the game. Once the sky fell on Sunshine and most of the rapidly expanding Springstine family was taken out with it, he d completely polarized. He joined in with his family at Rico Cave and began organizing the bootleg operation, The Boss, at an alarming rate slowing his roll for no one, no matter the consequence.

One night after a day of enraged enhancements on his cart he took to the carts to the streets and coordinated the longest and most dangerous pneumatic hover cart race around Rochester. On this race he bet his pink slip, all of his money, and the rights to Rico Cave. After 10 long minutes of grueling racing and 2 hours attempting to escape the police along the streets and alleyways of Rochester's pneumatic, railway, waterway, and street system. Bo remained the only racer not in custody and along with that he had won the race and made off with enough capital to branch off from bootlegging into other disciplines. He returned to Rico Cave with the spoils and good news that brought joy to all the Springstine family. He started up his cart near a new shipment of Russian 'Boss Sauce' outside the cave. The ignition lit the leak in the crate ablaze and it instantly burst with enough force to damage the engine on the cart causing it to rupture as well. The combination of the two explosions sent him airborne in two pieces. The main segment fell into the rapids of the Genesee unconscious, while the other charred piece of leg was sent expelled far off into Seneca park. By the time they found him he was on the shore by Seneca park and bleeding profusely. His cousins were carrying him back when they heard the sound of a crash in Seneca park. Upon investigation they noticed a burning wreckage of an RPTS shuttle with people beginning to come around to investigate as well. When the police quickly arrived they ditched Bo near the wreckage and jetted to avoid the law.

Bo awoke weeks later alone, constricted, and in pain in a hospital room. Nurses explained to him what had happened, for he was in a state of pure amnesia. They had identified him as the man who's body they never found in the crash and the lone survivor the Seneca Park Tragedy, Scoot O'Hennesie. Despite being short an appendage and most of his body being badly injured in the accident his disposition was unwaveringly bright. Shortly before being released from the hospital he was visited by a former friend and childhood crush by accident. On her way from consoling a colleague who'd just lost their parent's to P.I.E.S., Gabrielle Garnier happened upon Bo almost not recognizing him if not for his, now cracked and blackened, goggles strapped to his head. She was distraught to find him in this condition and stayed with him for the next day trying to help him back to reality. When nothing sparked his memory to come rushing back she parted ways and told him to come to her if he ever needed any help, he is always welcomed at Garnier's workshop. Although he was aware of his former identity, the name Scoot had caught on and by that he preferred to be addressed. Upon arrival at Rico's Cave, as per Gabrielle's instruction, he found what was left of his family and Boss Sauce distribution racket. After his presumed death a power struggle emerged and tore the family in three. Most of the family still resided in Rico's Cave, however the other two factions departed for Sunshine and Tartarus in seek of refuge.