Perspective character

Name: Santino Christiani
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White/Sicilian
Profession: Mob (criminal) who also is a financial controller at the Rochester Central Bank & Trust
Home Location: Rochester, NY [C3]
Disposition: Angry and pessimistic, but outwardly respectful and intelligent
High concept: A man who believes that people are ignorant evil creatures, and he is willing to exploit their blind living for personal gain.
Special skills/abilities: Very intelligent, good with money.
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Overbearing, intrusive personality
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: Affiliated with the Rochester Central Bank & Trust
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): 6''2" with bluish hazel eyes, always has a light stubble. Sharp Jawline. Wears a suit and vest year-round, usually without a tie. Wears leather gloves in the winter.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Continue to grow his wealth through exploiting financial transactions at the bank. Continue to support family.
Get promoted and gain more administrative access. Hire henchmen to work in lower level positions at the bank. Lobby government officials to reduce bank restrictions. Move family into a safer apartment off the streets.
Seek governmental connections to influence the local government and circumvent the need for bank lobbies.


Background (family, education, important life events)

Raised Easter Shores of Sicily, Santino was adopted by a family at 4 years old. As a baby he was was found abandoned in the street, fighting for his life. He lived on a small farm a few miles from a town center until he reached the age of 20. He was a very quiet child. The other children shunned him, spending most of his alone time day dreaming. Privately educated to the equivalent of the 13th grade, he was passionate about finance and politics. Santino felt that school was the key to making it big in the world, or at least the first step. He could beat the competition and gain respect of the public. He was self motivated and tried very hard at school. He had a difficult time in the humanities, but was excellent with practical knowledge and public interaction. Santino eventually saved enough money to take his wife with him (Mary Christiani) to the land of opportunity.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

Living in Rochester, NY with his wife and son, Santino lives an upper middle class life. Soon after moving to Rochester, Santino acquired a job at the local bank as an honest job. He soon realized a few benefits of controlling the flow of money in and out of the bank. Given a few extra loopholes, money could fall into his hands without anyone noticing. His methods for cheating the system eventually led him to the local mob, who used him as an inside connection to the bank, consequently giving him a fair amount of influence for the organized crime. The community never notices Santino as a threat, he keeps a low profile and does not arouse suspicion. As you might have guessed, Santino has little respect for the system and does everything he can to influence the local government to benefit himself and the local crime to which he identifies with.